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The Simpsons Season 27 Episode 18

The Simpsons Season 27 Episode 18 How Lisa Got Her Marge Back Bart just have the toy to trick people, but no one fell for him, instead he fell for other. He starts to worry what wrong with him. Lisa found out that Marge doesn't like her song, at night she confronts her. They have a fight, Lisa upsets with Marge. She try to win her back by go trip with her. Homer lefts Maggie  with Bart while chasing the truck. Bart uses her on his prank. Marge failed to make Lisa happy. They still fight. But after a while, finally she forgives her. Homer tells Bart do not turn Maggie into him, otherwise he will need to jump down the bridge.
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American Horror Story Season 5 Episode 11

American Horror Story Season 5 Episode 11 Battle Royale Liz and Iris go to see Countess, they shooting at her, they kill both of them Donovan and countess. But she escapes, Donovan asks Iris to get her out. He doesn't want to die in hotel. They takes him out of hotel, he died at front of hotel. Countess goes to ask Sally to help her, she takes out bullets from her. She stills alive. In past Sally used to close with her other colleagues, but one night they overdose and kill themselves. She just sews herself together with them, she had to stay with their corpse for few days. Sally tells Countess that she must not leave her, Countess tells her that she needs blood like herself but Sally tells her Donovan dead. John and family back home, Scarlett asks John how Holden will eat. He tells her he will take care. Sally takes Countess's child to transfer their blood to help her, she doesn't agree. After cremate Donovan, Liz gives Iris his ash. After that she gets on the hotel roof,…

The Simpsons Season 27 Episode 17

The Simpsons Season 27 Episode 17 The Burns Cage Burns and Smithers go to parachute from the plane, but accident happen Smithers almost lost him. After rescue him he try to confess but Burns tells him first that he means nothing to him. Lisa enters the school show too, Milhouse found her did that and he also want to enter it. But Jack shows up and he get the part with Lisa instead. Smithers upset and then he try to push it to Homer and his friends, they decide to find someone to cheer up Smithers. Marge decide to invites all of them and let him choose. Bart tells Milhouse how to help him, what if he is beaten by bullies. They hired bullies to get rid of him but they failed. Smithers found someone at the party, they spent a lot of time together and he is very happy. Next day Smithers tells Burns that he wants to quit, next day Burns hired new assistant but she doesn't do what he wants. His men tells him to get Smithers back to fix his problem. New Smithers's boyfriend takes hi…

American Horror Story Season 5 Episode 10

American Horror Story Season 5 Episode 10 She Gets Revenge Liz tells Iris that she wants to kill herself before Countess kill her. She convinces her not to do. They decide to finish their business before go together. Liz asks Evers to call her son to see him, so he can said good bye. They didn't see each other for 31 years. John stills killed collecting his part, he shows up to a church and start to kill people inside. He needs the last part before he finish. Donovan try to convinces Triston to back off, but he won't so he just shoot him down. James burned his contractor alive, John goes to ask him about his wife. he asks her about Holden. She tells him about her mistake and what debt she own to Countess. After that few day, her son shows up. They talk together a while but he didn't tell him that he is his father. But his son remembered him at the end and forgive him. He wants him to be back in his life. Liz goes to tell Iris that he won't suicide with her anymore. He…

The Simpsons Season 27 Episode 16

The Simpsons Season 27 Episode 16 The Marge-ian Chronicles Homer found that Flander feed his chicken and he has fresh eggs, at night he decides to steal his eggs. Homer try to steals his eggs next time but he is made, he decides to raise their chicken. But he found that it's taste better that if he steal. Next day they take their chicken to the research lab, they are working on sending man to Mars. Lisa tells her parent that she volunteered to go to Mars when she is 18. Homer convinces Marge to let her try. Marge feels that Homer's plan doesn't work, he comes with the plan to support her. Next day they go to with Lisa in training. Lisa starts to upset for her family is there, she knows that they try to make her quit. After stay training for a while, only Lisa and Marge pass the training. At research press, they decide to move up the scheduler to few week. Homer and Bart try to stop them but he think they might be want to cancel. But they decides too late, they are on rock…

The Vampire Diaries Season 7 Episode 12

The Vampire Diaries Season 7 Episode 12 Postcards from the Edge Damon kidnapped one of man and killed him after he tells him about Elena. Stefan found that Caroline has problem. Valerie shows up to Julian tells him about Huntress, Mary shows up to Nora and tell her about Huntress's card too. Bonny wants to go with them to stop her. Damon shows up at Julian's bar and kill one of his men, Julian threaten to kill him but he doesn't care. After Julian knows what he did to Elena, instead of kill him he takes him out with him. He shows him his hidden stage. Valerie tells Caroline and Stefan that her baby are siphon her vampire power too. Bonny, Mary and Nora go to see huntress in hospital. But she doesn't remember anything. After Penny lets Matt out and tells him about Doug, he goes to check his house. And found he is dead and there is vampire, Penny try to shot him but failed. He shot him dead. Valerie tells Stefan that she saw Damon with Julian earlier. She thinks he want…

The Simpsons Season 27 Episode 15

The Simpsons Season 27 Episode 15 Lisa the Veterinarian Today Simpsons is at aquarium, Bart make the pranks again and make all guest leave the building while he alone can play along. One of the employee knocks down the raccoon, Lisa try to rescue it and it success. After that she is become famous. At school her teacher gives her the hamster to be her responsible, she takes it to animal doctor. She wants to work with him, he is agreed. She starts to work with him as assistant. She is really enjoy to help the animal. Marge agreed to work with police to be the crime scene clean up, she has first job to clean up. Homer warns her that it can really disturb her. After that she is disturb by her job, while Lisa forgets her hamster. She lost him, she is very upset. Homer takes Marge to comfort her, Marge backs to herself again.