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Downsizing (2017)

Downsizing (2017) At Edvardsen Institute, a scientist finally success his experiment, he is very excited and rush to see his boss.
5 years later at Istanbul scientist's convention, they show the world that they can shrink people to small size without any side effect, this can help to reduce world's waste and food consumption.
 After the convention, the news about them are spread to entire world. Paul is very excites about that news.
10 years later, Paul and Audrey are planing to build their family, they try hard to find the new place for new family but they can't afford it.
One night they go to their re-union party, they meets their friend that downsizing themselves. They are convinced by them that change will make them better living. After discuss together they decide to downsizing.
They are convinced by Leisureland sale, they found after downsizing their life become cheaper. They start sell their stuff at house, make farewell party to their friend and family.
At the dow…
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FullMetal Alchemist (2018)

FullMetal Alchemist (2018) Ed and Al like the alchemist and try it every time when they can, they want to impress their parent.
One day their mother sick and pass away, Ed decides to use Alchemist to get their mother back. They ignore the alchemist warning and cast spell to bring their mother back.
The result is bad, what they get back is not their mother. Ed end up lost his arm and Al lost entire body, Ed manages to save his soul and put him in the armor.
Ed is chasing one of the alchemist to take his Philosopher's Stone ring back, Al shows up and fight with him. They are known as FullMetal Alchemist, that alchemist doesn't give up and try to escape.
Then Mustang shows up and capture him to East city, Ed also found that Philosopher's Stone is fake. He try to find Philosopher's Stone to turn Al back.
At east, Hughes is one of captain that like and help Ed. Winry shows up and complain because he damages his arm.
General wants Ed and Al to know Tucker, alchemist who cre…

Ferdinand (2017)

Ferdinand (2017) Ferdinand is the young bull in the farm, he wish to be able to fight like his friends. But he isn't strong.
One day the Matador's truck come to pick up new bull, each of his friend think that their parent will be chosen.
Their father are going to fight each other to show the Matador, after finish Ferdinand's father is selected. He promises him that he will come back after win.
But he never come back, that night Ferdinand get chance and run off the farm. He jumps on the train and leave them.
He lost and end up at Nina's farm, she takes care and growth him up. Her farm has a lot of flower that he like, he is so happy with her.
One day he is not allow to goes to flower's festival anymore because he is a big bull, he is upset. He decides to go without permission.
His appearance at town scare a lot of people, there is accident and make him run off and crash the town. He try to run off the police but he end up captured and send to the cage.
After that h…

Murder On The Orient Express (2017)

Murder On The Orient Express (2017) From near the Wailing Wall, Jerusalem a boy running to delivery the eggs to chief and delivery to Poirot. After that he goes to the Wailing Wall to investigate the missing object from sacred place, he explains to the crowd that who is the thief.
The thief is chief of the police, he try to run but he is blocked and capture by Poirot's plan. After that he has to goes to Istanbul for his vacation with his ferry, he meets Mary and doctor Arbuthnot.
At Istanbul, Poirot meets his friend, Bouc. He tells him that he has to get on Orient Express. He decides to get on it with them too, at station Bouc's men try hard to find place for him.
After get on, Poirot meets Hubbard on the way. He share the room with MacQueen on number 3.
After the train take off, Ratchett found the letter threaten him, he also meet Hubbard before night. Poirot notices them during the talking, seem they know each other.
In morning, Poirot meets Bouc at restaurant. Bouc is very…

Daddys Home 2 (2017)

Daddys Home 2 (2017) Brad and Dusty are try to impress their children, they both take care their children together. One day they found out that they did too much and they make them uncomfortable.
After back from school, they plan to spent Christmas together and after they tell their children they get bad news. They found that their grandfather will come to join them too.
Next day Brad and Dusty go to pickup their parent, Dusty is really worried about his father, Kurt. After he shows up, they pick the fight. Then Brad's father, Don shows up, Dusty and his father feels so ashamed of them.
After at home, Kurt feels that he is not loved by his grandchildren compare to Don. He is feeling that he has to do something, he suggests that instead spent Christmas at home. They should go out, he book somewhere and make kids happy.
Kurt almost killed himself during the way to their place because Don and Brad talk non stop. But the place is nice, they have a good time.
One of their kid, Dylan h…

Thor Ragnarok (2017)

Thor Ragnarok (2017) Thor is captured in cage hang over the ground, Surtur comes back after get killed by his father. He tells him about Ragnarok, and how to stop it. He called his hammer and destroy his crown to stop his power.
Once he back to Asgard, he found that Heimdall is missing. He found that they have play about him and Loki tragedy, but it turn out that Loki turn to Odin and sit on throne.
He takes him to midgard to see Odin, while they are waiting Loki is disappear. He following the trail and see Dr. Strange, he asks him why he bring Loki who can make trouble here. He will help him to find Odin and he will take Loki back, he show them where is Odin.
Odin tells them about Ragnarok, she will come, Hela. He tells them that she is their sister, he locked her away to protect Asgard. Odin disappear, after that Hela shows up.
She tells them to kneel to their queen, Thor try to attack her but she destroy his hammer instead. Loki try to escape back to Asgard, but Hela following the…

Tokyo Ghoul (2017)

Tokyo Ghoul (2017) Ghouls exist for a while and they eat human, government also create unit ,CCG to fight with Ghouls. Kaneki is simple teenager, one day while his friend asks him to ask the girl, Riza he like out. But he can't, but that day he found out that she also like same novel.
After that day, he goes out with her. When he walked her home, she try to eat him. He found that she is a ghoul, he try to escape from her. But she is killed by accident.
He wakes up in hospital and get cure by the doctor, who later on news for illegal charge.
At CCG, Amon and his boss are tracking one ghoul and its wife, after Kaneki backs from hospital. He feels not OK to each cook meat, he found that he become ghouls. His doctor rescue him from dead by put ghouls part in his body to cure him.
He try to control his hungry as Ghouls, he wander around at night to find food. He found another Ghouls eating human, but he is killed because he's across another Ghouls territory.
He found Touka there, …