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Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 8

Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 8 Second Sons Arya wakes up and try to kill Clegane with rock but she failed, he tells her that he used to save her sister from mob. She thinks that he will take her to Joffrey but he tells her that he will takes her to her family.
Jorah found out who is helping Yunkai, second sons. They are army that they paid for their help. She meets with Mero, their leader and try to recruit them.
Stannis's witch takes Gendry to see Stannis, he is not excite. She tells him not to tortured him, his flavor will light. Stannis tells Davos about sacrifice Gendry, he also against it. He free him out as long as he will never against his witch again.
Mero plans to kill Daenerys at night, so they don't have to go against her army and her knights.
Tyrion try to comfort Sansa but he failed it, he tells her that he will never hurt her. Margaery try to friend with Cersei, but Cersei threatens her instead.
At the wedding, Joffery takes Sansa to Tyrion. He said as her f…
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Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 7

Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 7 The Bear and the Maiden Fair Snow leads Mance's men to Castle Black, they plan to take the castle too. While Robb stills waiting for Frey wedding so he can get his army and take Castle black.
Robb found that Telisa is pregnant, he is very happy. She asks him to back Volantis with her one day.
Sansa always want to leave Winterfell and come to King's landing to see their knight and city, but now she regret that she ever leave her kingdom.
Margaery comforts Sansa about her marriage with Tyrion, he actually not bad to her but he still Lannister.
Joffrey asks Tywin to see him about his small meeting, he complains that Tywin use his room for meeting. But finally he gives up and ask him about Daenerys and her dragons.
Daenerys and her army arrive at yellow city, Yunkai. Jorah and Barristan give her different advise, but she wants to know that how many slave inside that she can free.
Embassy from Yunkai comes to see Daenerys, he is threaten by her a…

Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 6

Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 6 The Climb Sam taking one of Craster's wife and her son back to the wall, he tells her about Castle rock and his men.
Jojen just has his vision, he tells Bran that he saw Snow and he is with the enemy at different side of the wall.
Snow and Mance's men are the bottom of the wall, they are preparing to climb the wall up. Ygritte tells him that she knows that he still crows, she is his and she won't tell anyone.
Stannis's witch shows up at Thoros's group, she wants to see Beric. She found what he is, she knows about his revive. Thoros tells her how he revive him the first time.
She tells them that they wants Gendry, she paid gold for him. Arya is upset about that witch tells him that he will make king rise and down.
Theon is tortured by Karstark's prince, he knows that his brother is killed by Jaime. He is tortured because they are Robb's banner man and he is the one who attack Start's prince.
Robb try to negotiate with …

Beyond Skyline (2017)

Beyond Skyline (2017) Earth is conquer by alien, some of human fight until their last breath. Back then Mark is invited in LA's police station about a suspect, his son Trent. He has fight with someone and end up locked up.
During way to home by underground their train stopped by something, while on street some light coming down from sky.
After crash, Mark try to checkout what happen. He heard from radio that don't look into the light. They decide to get out of train for safety, after they coming up. Trent and other one looks up on sky and is pulled out to sky.
Mark stop Trent before he flow up, after spaceship take all people up. Mark goes back to the train tunnel. He meets his friend down there, he tells them about blue light.
They decide to move next to next out of tunnel, Mark spots the battle between human and alien ship. One of fighter fire the missile to the ship and cause huge explosion.
They make cover before it reach them, when they try to go up they are attacked by …

Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 5

Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 5 Kissed by Fire Thoros and Beric's group warship lord of light, Beric use fire sword to fight with Clegane for judge him. But finally Beric is defeated by Clegane, he stills alive. They have no choice but let him go.
Mance's men tests Snow that he is loyal to them or not, he passed the test by tells them about the wall guard. But Ygritte trusts him enough to sleep with him.
The Flayed Man delivery Jaime to Bolton, he tells him about Stannis's war result. He is relieved, he is sent to take care of his hand injured.
Everyone in capital now concerns about Joffrey and Margaery wedding. Cersei try to get Baelish to help her stop it while Tyrion try to help them.
Gendry decides to stay with Beric, Arya try to convinces him to go to Robb with her. But he preferred to stay there.
2 Lannister children are killed by Robb's men, he wants to revenge his son that died because of Jaime. He has no choice but punish them, his men and Catelyn try to c…

IT (2017)

IT (2017) Georgie is dared to be in basement by Bill, after success he make boat paper for him. He plays it on the road during raining, it slips into the sewer. He meets clown in sewer, he try to convinces him and finally drag him down the sewer.
In 1989, Mike works in the barn. He doesn't like much his job, one day while he send the meet he see something lurking in the dark.
At school Billy is bullied by senior. They also talk bad about Georgie. He stills obsess for what happen to Georgie, his parent try to tell him that he's gone.
While Beverly also bullied by another girls, she doesn't care she makes friend with new kid, Ben. When Stan walks pass the pa inting, it suddenly fell down. He found that the painting is missing, when he turned around it shows up at front of him. He run out quickly as possible.
While Ben is in library, after read about tragedy in past about children has his head cut. He starts to see headless man walking to him, he run out and meet the bullied…

Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 4

Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 4 And Now His Watch Is Ended Jaime is mistreated by The Flayed Man during the way back to north, he try to fight but finally give up. But Brienne reminds him and makes him fight again.
Varys tells Tyrion about his past and his revenge, he shows him how he revenge his enemy and tell him if he patient enough he will get his.
Jojen and Bran have another dream about 3 eyes crow, he try to following it but he is stopped by Catelyn before wake up.
Margaery asks Joffrey to do anything and he following her blindly. Cersei is very upset about that.
Theon confess that he didn't find Bran and Rickon, who he ordered to burn is pleasant. He did that to please his father and keep Winterfell. After that he found that he is tricked and taken back to his prison.
Cersei tells Tywing about Margaery, she wants him to get rid of her but he disappoint that she can't manipulate him well.
Varys tells Olenna about Baelish's plan, if Robb fell and he gets hand on S…