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Mission Impossible Fallout (2018)

Mission Impossible Fallout (2018) Ehan just wake up in safe house In Belfast, there is someone at the door. He give him the book with the new mission, apostles and Lark.
He needs to stop them from get acquire of nuclear device before they do, Ethan, Benji and Luther go to Berlin to stop the exchange.
But something goes wrong, they are interrupt by apostles. They captured Luther and trick them and get the device instead.
After that they go to see Lark's associate to get information about Lark, they trick him to believe that the device already trigger and get his code.
Ethan found that Lark and Widow will meet together, he is sent to find Lark by CIA. But CIA also wants Walker to work with him to work with him and get device too.
They jump of the plane but during landing Walker is stroked by lightning and pass out, Ethan help him out.
They found the Lark, but they fail to capture him. Ethan has no choice but go to see Widow by himself. He convinces her that he is Lark.
After talk t…
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Blockers (2018)

Blockers (2018) Today Sam,  Julie and Kayla's parent go to sent their daughters to school at first day. Since then their family become friend after their daughter become friend at first day. Now they are going to have prom party, they make their parent too worried. Their daughters also plan to lost their virgin at night. Lisa, Mitchell and Hunter accidentally see their daughter's private message. They found that they try to have sex at prom night, they decide to stop them. They following them to the party, but their daughters decide to leave the party to somewhere else. They try to get in the party but they have prove that they are not cop, they do all thing they asking him to. But cops shows up so they have to escape from party On they way they following their car, they crash their car. After that Lisa get contact with Julie, they upset each other but after they talk they open to each other. They try to break in to one of parent to find where are their kid, they almost get c…

Escape Plan 2 : Hades (2018)

Escape Plan 2 : Hades (2018) In Chechnya, Lucas is abducted to force the government to release Abdel Salman Al-Arka from prison. The other prisoners are worried what will happen to them, after time is passed nobody call them for exchange.
While they are going to killed, one of prisoner, Shu has chance and help other to escape. They success but one of hostage is shot to death because Kimbral try to destroy the factory.
After back to office and report to his boss, Breslin fired one of the man, Kimbral that responsible for hostage.
After that 1 year in china, Yusheng Technology tried to launch satellite program to market. Shu's girlfriend wants him to guard her boss, his cousin during the program.
In Thailand while them are on vacation, they are ambush by someone and sent to Hades.
Shu wakes up and found out that he is in Hades surround by prisoners. Then he is forced to fight with other prisoner. He found that after he win the fight he will earn free time alone.
After that Shu foun…

Solo A Star Wars Story (2018)

Solo A Star Wars Story (2018) After Han failed to do exchange task, he goes back to his hideout. He try hard to pay off his debt, then he is taken to see Proxima for his failure. He is punished by her, he decides to escape from them with his girlfriend, Qira.
They plan to get their own ship and travel through galaxy, but they are chased by Proxima's men. They try to get out through the gate but when they failed, Qira is taken back.
He apply to be pilot in Empire, he is expecting to be a pilot. But after that 3 years, he found himself still fighting in the war. He try to find the way to be a pilot, but he is blocked and ignore.
Then he made himself a trouble, he found that his caption is fraud. He try to blackmail him but failed, his captain send him to feed the beast.
He found that the beast is Wookie, he try to talk to Wookie to work together to escape out. They break the cage out, they following his fake captain and convince him to take both of them with him. Han found that Woo…

Skyscraper (2018)

Skyscraper (2018) Will and Ben are with assault FBI team, they try to rescue the hostage situation. But he failed, all hostages and his team and dead except him. He gets bad injury and send to the hospital, he meets his wife, Sarah who operate him.
In Hong kong, they create a high tower name Skyscraper. It created by Zhao Long Jing, People in world are very excited about it. Today Will and his wife are going to present their company to Zhao Long Jing.
Will and his family staying in Skyscraper tower during time they make presentation, Zhao wants him to check his security system of his tower. His friend Ben voucher for him to get this job.
During way they go back, Will get burglar by someone. Before leave Zhao gives device  that allow Will to be able to access tower's security. Ben found out that the device is not stolen, he called someone.
While the same time, group of mercenary enter the building. Ben exposed him that he wants his device and want to kill him. But during struggle,…

Pacific Rim 2: Uprising (2018)

Pacific Rim 2: Uprising (2018) After the last attack from Kaiju, world has been recovery. One of the pilot's son, Jake lives as scrapper, by steal part of damage Jaegars.
One day he messes up and upset his customer, his part he wants to get is grabbed by someone else. He try to chase after him, next day he following to his lair and found that he try to build another Jaegars.
He found that actually he is her, Amara and they found someone following him to her lair. She launch they Jaegars out, but she is following by Pan Pacific Defense Corps's Jaegars. They finally get captured, she tells him that she build her Jaegars to fight if Kaiju back.
Jake get words from Mako, his sister that she wants him to train new recruit in exchange to get him out of the trouble.
They arrive at base, Amara is cadet and she found out that Jake was Ranger and Pilot the legend Jaegars.
Jake believes that the war is ended and he wants to to leave the base ASAP. Hermann tells Newton that he thinks Kai…

Tag (2018)

Tag (2018) Malloy is applying for position janitor in Callahan company, his interviewer is very curious what is he doing there. Actually he try to tag Bob in their game since they are children.
After success tag Bob, he tells him that they should join force to tag Jerry. Jerry seems to be only one of them that never been tag for 30 years. While Malloy tags Bob, he is interview with Crosby. She decides to join them to get their story.
Malloy goes after Chilli by act as decoy, then Bob can tag him. After they explain to Chilli , he agree and they go next to Sable and get him.
They explain to him that they will tag Jerry at his wedding, but first they need more information. They go to see Lou, to see where is Jerry.
They plan and lure him in the place, where they will ambush him. But they all failed, then Susan is Jerry's fiance shows up. She want them to sign truce that they can't tag Jerry any time during wedding.
They agree with her for be fair, they are now planing new tag. …